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Iceman/ICESQL AB is a huge fan of open-source projects. We are proud to be one of the administrators of the Proxmark3 forum and one of the admins for the official proxmark GitHub account.

ICESQL AB works hard to contribute to the RFID community by keeping the icemanfork current with the all the bleeding edge code. We have also created a docker container for easy access to a modern dev-environment.

A blog post on how to use the install.sh shellscript to get a dev-env for Ubuntu very fast.
Easy installing on Ubuntu 16.04 ~ iceman fork ~

Current commands available

Support this project!

Feel free to donate to support further development of iceman fork. We acknowledge that time is limited for us all by asking for your support.

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View some proxmark3 videos on our youtube channel. The following playlists is a good place to start.

Tools & Utils

These files are "as-is", the PM3 community made them, do give them credit for their hard efforts if you decide to edit them. Some is with source code, some is excel sheets. If you add something, give us a copy so we can share it with the PM3 community

Download must-have utils here

Online utils

Homebrew (Mac OSX)

These instructions comes from @Chrisfu.
Further questions about Mac & Homebrew, contact @Chrisfu (https://github.com/chrisfu/)



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