# Icemanfork / Proxmark3 command dump

Some commands are available only if a Proxmark is actually connected.  
Check column "offline" for their availability.

|command                  |offline |description
|-------                  |------- |-----------
|`help                   `|Y       |`This help. Use ' help' for details of a particular command.`
|`reveng                 `|Y       |`Crc calculations from the software reveng 1.44`
|`quit                   `|Y       |`Exit program`
|`exit                   `|Y       |`Exit program`

### analyse

 { Analyse bytes... }

|command                  |offline |description
|-------                  |------- |-----------
|`analyse help           `|Y       |`This help`
|`analyse lcr            `|Y       |`Generate final byte for XOR LRC`
|`analyse crc            `|Y       |`Stub method for CRC evaluations`
|`analyse chksum         `|Y       |`Checksum with adding, masking and one's complement`
|`analyse dates          `|Y       |`Look for datestamps in a given array of bytes`
|`analyse tea            `|Y       |`Crypto TEA test`
|`analyse lfsr           `|Y       |`LFSR tests`
|`analyse a              `|Y       |`num bits test`
|`analyse hid            `|Y       |`Permute function from 'heart of darkness' paper`

### data

 { Plot window / data buffer manipulation... }

|command                  |offline |description
|-------                  |------- |-----------
|`data help              `|Y       |`This help`
|`data askedgedetect     `|Y       |`[threshold] Adjust Graph for manual ASK demod using the length of sample differences to detect the edge of a wave (use 20-45, def:25)`
|`data askem410xdemod    `|Y       |`[clock] [invert<0|1>] [maxErr] -- Demodulate an EM410x tag from GraphBuffer (args optional)`
|`data askgproxiidemod   `|Y       |`Demodulate a G Prox II tag from GraphBuffer`
|`data askvikingdemod    `|Y       |`Demodulate a Viking AM tag from GraphBuffer`
|`data autocorr          `|Y       |`[window length] [g] -- Autocorrelation over window - g to save back to GraphBuffer (overwrite)`
|`data biphaserawdecode  `|Y       |`[offset] [invert<0|1>] [maxErr] -- Biphase decode bin stream in DemodBuffer (offset = 0|1 bits to shift the decode start)`
|`data bin2hex           `|Y       |` -- Converts binary to hexadecimal`
|`data bitsamples        `|N       |`Get raw samples as bitstring`
|`data buffclear         `|Y       |`Clears bigbuff on deviceside. d graph window`
|`data dec               `|Y       |`Decimate samples`
|`data detectclock       `|Y       |`[] Detect ASK, FSK, NRZ, PSK clock rate of wave in GraphBuffer`
|`data fdxbdemod         `|Y       |`Demodulate a FDX-B ISO11784/85 Biphase tag from GraphBuffer`
|`data fskawiddemod      `|Y       |`Demodulate an AWID FSK tag from GraphBuffer`
|`data fskhiddemod       `|Y       |`Demodulate a HID FSK tag from GraphBuffer`
|`data fskiodemod        `|Y       |`Demodulate an IO Prox FSK tag from GraphBuffer`
|`data fskpyramiddemod   `|Y       |`Demodulate a Pyramid FSK tag from GraphBuffer`
|`data fskparadoxdemod   `|Y       |`Demodulate a Paradox FSK tag from GraphBuffer`
|`data getbitstream      `|Y       |`Convert GraphBuffer's >=1 values to 1 and <1 to 0`
|`data grid              `|Y       |`  -- overlay grid on graph window, use zero value to turn off either`
|`data hexsamples        `|N       |` [] -- Dump big buffer as hex bytes`
|`data hex2bin           `|Y       |` -- Converts hexadecimal to binary`
|`data hide              `|Y       |`Hide graph window`
|`data hpf               `|Y       |`Remove DC offset from trace`
|`data load              `|Y       |` -- Load trace (to graph window`
|`data ltrim             `|Y       |` -- Trim samples from left of trace`
|`data rtrim             `|Y       |` -- Trim samples from right of trace`
|`data manrawdecode      `|Y       |`[invert] [maxErr] -- Manchester decode binary stream in DemodBuffer`
|`data norm              `|Y       |`Normalize max/min to +/-128`
|`data plot              `|Y       |`Show graph window (hit 'h' in window for keystroke help)`
|`data printdemodbuffer  `|Y       |`[x] [o]  [l]  -- print the data in the DemodBuffer - 'x' for hex output`
|`data pskindalademod    `|Y       |`[clock] [invert<0|1>] -- Demodulate an indala tag (PSK1) from GraphBuffer (args optional)`
|`data psknexwatchdemod  `|Y       |`Demodulate a NexWatch tag (nexkey, quadrakey) (PSK1) from GraphBuffer`
|`data rawdemod          `|Y       |`[modulation] ...  -see help (h option) -- Demodulate the data in the GraphBuffer and output binary`
|`data samples           `|N       |`[512 - 40000] -- Get raw samples for graph window (GraphBuffer)`
|`data save              `|Y       |` -- Save trace (from graph window)`
|`data scale             `|Y       |` -- Set cursor display scale`
|`data setdebugmode      `|Y       |`<0|1|2> -- Turn on or off Debugging Level for lf demods`
|`data shiftgraphzero    `|Y       |` -- Shift 0 for Graphed wave + or - shift value`
|`data dirthreshold      `|Y       |`  -- Max rising higher up-thres/ Min falling lower down-thres, keep rest as prev.`
|`data tune              `|N       |`Get hw tune samples for graph window`
|`data undec             `|Y       |`Un-decimate samples by 2`
|`data zerocrossings     `|Y       |`Count time between zero-crossings`
|`data iir               `|N       |`apply IIR buttersworth filter on plotdata`

### hf

 { High Frequency commands... }

|command                  |offline |description
|-------                  |------- |-----------
|`hf help                `|Y       |`This help`
|`hf tune                `|N       |`Continuously measure HF antenna tuning`
|`hf list                `|Y       |`List protocol data in trace buffer`
|`hf search              `|Y       |`Search for known HF tags [preliminary]`
|`hf snoop               `|N       |`  Generic LF/HF Snoop in Testing stage`

### hf 14a

 { ISO14443A RFIDs... }

|command                  |offline |description
|-------                  |------- |-----------
|`hf 14a help            `|Y       |`This help`
|`hf 14a list            `|N       |`[Deprecated] List ISO 14443a history`
|`hf 14a reader          `|N       |`Act like an ISO14443 Type A reader`
|`hf 14a cuids           `|N       |` Collect n>0 ISO14443 Type A UIDs in one go`
|`hf 14a sim             `|N       |` -- Simulate ISO 14443a tag`
|`hf 14a sniff           `|N       |`sniff ISO 14443 Type A traffic`
|`hf 14a raw             `|N       |`Send raw hex data to tag`

### hf 14b

 { ISO14443B RFIDs... }

|command                  |offline |description
|-------                  |------- |-----------
|`hf 14b help            `|Y       |`This help`
|`hf 14b info            `|N       |`Find and print details about a 14443B tag`
|`hf 14b list            `|N       |`[Deprecated] List ISO 14443B history`
|`hf 14b raw             `|N       |`Send raw hex data to tag`
|`hf 14b reader          `|N       |`Act as a 14443B reader to identify a tag`
|`hf 14b sim             `|N       |`Fake ISO 14443B tag`
|`hf 14b snoop           `|N       |`Eavesdrop ISO 14443B`
|`hf 14b sriread         `|N       |`Read contents of a SRI512 | SRIX4K tag`
|`hf 14b sriwrite        `|N       |`Write data to a SRI512 | SRIX4K tag`

### hf 15

 { ISO15693 RFIDs... }

|command                  |offline |description
|-------                  |------- |-----------
|`hf 15 help             `|Y       |`This help`
|`hf 15 demod            `|Y       |`Demodulate ISO15693 from tag`
|`hf 15 read             `|N       |`Read HF tag (ISO 15693)`
|`hf 15 record           `|N       |`Record Samples (ISO 15693)`
|`hf 15 reader           `|N       |`Act like an ISO15693 reader`
|`hf 15 sim              `|N       |`Fake an ISO15693 tag`
|`hf 15 cmd              `|N       |`Send direct commands to ISO15693 tag`
|`hf 15 findafi          `|N       |`Brute force AFI of an ISO15693 tag`
|`hf 15 dumpmemory       `|N       |`Read all memory pages of an ISO15693 tag`

### hf epa

 { German Identification Card... }

|command                  |offline |description
|-------                  |------- |-----------
|`hf epa help            `|Y       |`This help`
|`hf epa cnonces         `|N       |`   Acquire n>0 encrypted PACE nonces of size m>0 with d sec pauses`
|`hf epa preplay         `|N       |`     Perform PACE protocol by replaying given APDUs`

### hf legic

 { LEGIC RFIDs... }

|command                  |offline |description
|-------                  |------- |-----------
|`hf legic help          `|Y       |`This help`
|`hf legic reader        `|Y       |`LEGIC Prime Reader UID and tag info`
|`hf legic info          `|N       |`Display deobfuscated and decoded LEGIC Prime tag data`
|`hf legic dump          `|N       |`Dump LEGIC Prime tag to binary file`
|`hf legic restore       `|N       |`Restore a dump onto a LEGIC Prime tag`
|`hf legic rdmem         `|N       |`Read bytes from a LEGIC Prime tag`
|`hf legic sim           `|N       |`Start tag simulator`
|`hf legic write         `|N       |`Write data to a LEGIC Prime tag`
|`hf legic crc           `|Y       |`Calculate Legic CRC over given bytes`
|`hf legic eload         `|Y       |`Load binary dump to emulator memory`
|`hf legic esave         `|Y       |`Save emulator memory to binary file`
|`hf legic list          `|Y       |`[Deprecated] List LEGIC history`
|`hf legic wipe          `|Y       |`Wipe a LEGIC Prime tag`

### hf iclass

 { ICLASS RFIDs... }

|command                  |offline |description
|-------                  |------- |-----------
|`hf iclass help         `|Y       |`This help`
|`hf iclass calcnewkey   `|Y       |`[options..] Calc Diversified keys (blocks 3 & 4) to write new keys`
|`hf iclass clone        `|N       |`[options..] Authenticate and Clone from iClass bin file`
|`hf iclass decrypt      `|Y       |`[f ] Decrypt tagdump`
|`hf iclass dump         `|N       |`[options..] Authenticate and Dump iClass tag's AA1`
|`hf iclass eload        `|N       |`[f ] (experimental) Load data into iClass emulator memory`
|`hf iclass encryptblk   `|Y       |` Encrypt given block data`
|`hf iclass list         `|N       |`            (Deprecated) List iClass history`
|`hf iclass loclass      `|Y       |`[options..] Use loclass to perform bruteforce of reader attack dump`
|`hf iclass managekeys   `|Y       |`[options..] Manage the keys to use with iClass`
|`hf iclass readblk      `|N       |`[options..] Authenticate and Read iClass block`
|`hf iclass reader       `|N       |`Read an iClass tag`
|`hf iclass readtagfile  `|Y       |`[options..] Display Content from tagfile`
|`hf iclass replay       `|N       |`       Read an iClass tag via Reply Attack`
|`hf iclass sim          `|N       |`[options..] Simulate iClass tag`
|`hf iclass snoop        `|N       |`            Eavesdrop iClass communication`
|`hf iclass writeblk     `|N       |`[options..] Authenticate and Write iClass block`

### hf mf

 { MIFARE RFIDs... }

|command                  |offline |description
|-------                  |------- |-----------
|`hf mf help             `|Y       |`This help`
|`hf mf dbg              `|N       |`Set default debug mode`
|`hf mf rdbl             `|N       |`Read MIFARE classic block`
|`hf mf rdsc             `|N       |`Read MIFARE classic sector`
|`hf mf dump             `|N       |`Dump MIFARE classic tag to binary file`
|`hf mf restore          `|N       |`Restore MIFARE classic binary file to BLANK tag`
|`hf mf wrbl             `|N       |`Write MIFARE classic block`
|`hf mf chk              `|N       |`Check keys`
|`hf mf mifare           `|N       |`Darkside attack. read parity error messages.`
|`hf mf nested           `|N       |`Nested attack. Test nested authentication`
|`hf mf hardnested       `|N       |`Nested attack for hardened Mifare cards`
|`hf mf keybrute         `|N       |`J_Run's 2nd phase of multiple sector nested authentication key recovery`
|`hf mf sniff            `|N       |`Sniff card-reader communication`
|`hf mf sim              `|N       |`Simulate MIFARE card`
|`hf mf eclr             `|N       |`Clear simulator memory block`
|`hf mf eget             `|N       |`Get simulator memory block`
|`hf mf eset             `|N       |`Set simulator memory block`
|`hf mf eload            `|N       |`Load from file emul dump`
|`hf mf esave            `|N       |`Save to file emul dump`
|`hf mf ecfill           `|N       |`Fill simulator memory with help of keys from simulator`
|`hf mf ekeyprn          `|N       |`Print keys from simulator memory`
|`hf mf csetuid          `|N       |`Set UID for magic Chinese card`
|`hf mf csetblk          `|N       |`Write block - Magic Chinese card`
|`hf mf cgetblk          `|N       |`Read block - Magic Chinese card`
|`hf mf cgetsc           `|N       |`Read sector - Magic Chinese card`
|`hf mf cload            `|N       |`Load dump into magic Chinese card`
|`hf mf csave            `|N       |`Save dump from magic Chinese card into file or emulator`
|`hf mf decrypt          `|Y       |`[nt] [ar_enc] [at_enc] [data] - to decrypt snoop or trace`

### hf mfu

 { MIFARE Ultralight RFIDs... }

|command                  |offline |description
|-------                  |------- |-----------
|`hf mfu help            `|Y       |`This help`
|`hf mfu dbg             `|N       |`Set default debug mode`
|`hf mfu info            `|N       |`Tag information`
|`hf mfu dump            `|N       |`Dump Ultralight / Ultralight-C / NTAG tag to binary file`
|`hf mfu eload           `|N       |`load Ultralight .eml dump file into emulator memory`
|`hf mfu rdbl            `|N       |`Read block`
|`hf mfu wrbl            `|N       |`Write block`
|`hf mfu cauth           `|N       |`Authentication    - Ultralight C`
|`hf mfu setpwd          `|N       |`Set 3des password - Ultralight-C`
|`hf mfu setuid          `|N       |`Set UID - MAGIC tags only`
|`hf mfu sim             `|N       |`Simulate Ultralight from emulator memory`
|`hf mfu gen             `|Y       |`Generate 3des mifare diversified keys`
|`hf mfu pwdgen          `|Y       |`Generate pwd from known algos`

### hf mfdes

 { MIFARE Desfire RFIDs... }

|command                  |offline |description
|-------                  |------- |-----------
|`hf mfdes help          `|Y       |`This help`
|`hf mfdes info          `|N       |`Get MIFARE DesFire information`
|`hf mfdes enum          `|N       |`Tries enumerate all applications`
|`hf mfdes auth          `|N       |`Tries a MIFARE DesFire Authentication`
|`hf mfdes rdbl          `|N       |`Read MIFARE DesFire block`
|`hf mfdes wrbl          `|N       |`write MIFARE DesFire block`

### hf topaz

 { TOPAZ (NFC Type 1) RFIDs... }

|command                  |offline |description
|-------                  |------- |-----------
|`hf topaz help          `|Y       |`This help`
|`hf topaz reader        `|N       |`Act like a Topaz reader`
|`hf topaz sim           `|N       |` -- Simulate Topaz tag`
|`hf topaz sniff         `|N       |`Sniff Topaz reader-tag communication`
|`hf topaz raw           `|N       |`Send raw hex data to tag`
|`hf topaz list          `|N       |`[Deprecated] List Topaz history`

### hw

 { Hardware commands... }

|command                  |offline |description
|-------                  |------- |-----------
|`hw help                `|Y       |`This help`
|`hw detectreader        `|N       |`['l'|'h'] -- Detect external reader field (option 'l' or 'h' to limit to LF or HF)`
|`hw fpgaoff             `|N       |`Set FPGA off`
|`hw lcd                 `|N       |`  -- Send command/data to LCD`
|`hw lcdreset            `|N       |`Hardware reset LCD`
|`hw readmem             `|N       |`[address] -- Read memory at decimal address from flash`
|`hw reset               `|N       |`Reset the Proxmark3`
|`hw setlfdivisor        `|N       |`<19 - 255> -- Drive LF antenna at 12Mhz/(divisor+1)`
|`hw setmux              `|N       |` -- Set the ADC mux to a specific value`
|`hw tune                `|N       |`Measure antenna tuning`
|`hw version             `|N       |`Show version information about the connected Proxmark`
|`hw status              `|N       |`Show runtime status information about the connected Proxmark`
|`hw ping                `|N       |`Test if the pm3 is responsive`

### lf

 { Low Frequency commands... }

|command                  |offline |description
|-------                  |------- |-----------
|`lf help                `|Y       |`This help`
|`lf config              `|N       |`Set config for LF sampling, bit/sample, decimation, frequency`
|`lf cmdread             `|N       |` <'0' period> <'1' period>  ['h' 134] 
		-- Modulate LF reader field to send command before read (all periods in microseconds)`
|`lf flexdemod           `|Y       |`Demodulate samples for FlexPass`
|`lf indalademod         `|Y       |`['224'] -- Demodulate samples for Indala 64 bit UID (option '224' for 224 bit)`
|`lf indalaclone         `|N       |` ['l']-- Clone Indala to T55x7 (tag must be in antenna)(UID in HEX)(option 'l' for 224 UID`
|`lf read                `|N       |`['s' silent] Read 125/134 kHz LF ID-only tag. Do 'lf read h' for help`
|`lf search              `|Y       |`[offline] ['u'] Read and Search for valid known tag (in offline mode it you can load first then search) 
		-- 'u' to search for unknown tags`
|`lf sim                 `|N       |`[GAP] -- Simulate LF tag from buffer with optional GAP (in microseconds)`
|`lf simask              `|N       |`[clock] [invert <1|0>] [biphase/manchester/raw <'b'|'m'|'r'>] [msg separator 's'] [d ] 
		-- Simulate LF ASK tag from demodbuffer or input`
|`lf simfsk              `|N       |`[c ] [i] [H ] [L ] [d ] 
		-- Simulate LF FSK tag from demodbuffer or input`
|`lf simpsk              `|N       |`[1|2|3] [c ] [i] [r ] [d ] 
		-- Simulate LF PSK tag from demodbuffer or input`
|`lf simbidir            `|N       |`Simulate LF tag (with bidirectional data transmission between reader and tag)`
|`lf snoop               `|N       |`Snoop LF`
|`lf vchdemod            `|Y       |`['clone'] -- Demodulate samples for VeriChip`

### lf animal

 { Animal RFIDs... }

|command                  |offline |description
|-------                  |------- |-----------
|`lf animal help         `|Y       |`This help`
|`lf animal demod        `|Y       |`Attempt extract tag data from graphbuf`
|`lf animal read         `|N       |`Attempt to read and extract tag data`
|`lf animal clone        `|N       |`Clone animal ID tag to T55x7`
|`lf animal sim          `|N       |`Animal ID tag simulator`

### lf awid

 { AWID RFIDs... }

|command                  |offline |description
|-------                  |------- |-----------
|`lf awid help           `|Y       |`This help`
|`lf awid fskdemod       `|N       |`Realtime AWID FSK demodulator`
|`lf awid read           `|N       |`Attempt to read and extract tag data`
|`lf awid sim            `|N       |`AWID tag simulator`
|`lf awid clone          `|N       |`Clone AWID to T55x7`
|`lf awid brute          `|N       |`Bruteforce card number against reader`

### lf cotag

 { COTAG RFIDs... }

|command                  |offline |description
|-------                  |------- |-----------
|`lf cotag help          `|Y       |`This help`
|`lf cotag demod         `|Y       |`Tries to decode a COTAG signal`
|`lf cotag read          `|N       |`Attempt to read and extract tag data`

### lf em4x

 { EM4X RFIDs... }

|command                  |offline |description
|-------                  |------- |-----------
|`lf em4x help           `|Y       |`This help`
|`lf em4x 410xdemod      `|N       |`[findone] -- Extract ID from EM410x tag (option 0 for continuous loop, 1 for only 1 tag)`
|`lf em4x 410xread       `|Y       |`[clock rate] -- Extract ID from EM410x tag in GraphBuffer`
|`lf em4x 410xsim        `|N       |` -- Simulate EM410x tag`
|`lf em4x 410xwatch      `|N       |`['h'] -- Watches for EM410x 125/134 kHz tags (option 'h' for 134)`
|`lf em4x 410xspoof      `|N       |`['h'] --- Watches for EM410x 125/134 kHz tags, and replays them. (option 'h' for 134)`
|`lf em4x 410xwrite      `|N       |` <'0' T5555> <'1' T55x7> [clock rate] -- Write EM410x UID to T5555(Q5) or T55x7 tag, optionally setting clock rate`
|`lf em4x 4x05read       `|N       |`read word data from EM4205/4305`
|`lf em4x 4x05write      `|N       |`write word data to EM4205/4305`
|`lf em4x 4x05dump       `|N       |`dump EM4205/4305 tag`
|`lf em4x 4x50read       `|N       |`read word data from EM4x50`
|`lf em4x 4x50write      `|N       |`write word data to EM4x50`
|`lf em4x 4x50dump       `|N       |`dump EM4x50 tag`

### lf guard

 { Guardall RFIDs... }

|command                  |offline |description
|-------                  |------- |-----------
|`lf guard help          `|Y       |`This help`
|`lf guard read          `|N       |`Attempt to read and extract tag data`
|`lf guard clone         `|N       |`   clone Guardall tag`
|`lf guard sim           `|N       |`   simulate Guardall tag`

### lf hid

 { HID RFIDs... }

|command                  |offline |description
|-------                  |------- |-----------
|`lf hid help            `|Y       |`This help`
|`lf hid fskdemod        `|N       |`Realtime HID FSK demodulator`
|`lf hid sim             `|N       |`HID tag simulator`
|`lf hid clone           `|N       |`Clone HID to T55x7`
|`lf hid wiegand         `|Y       |`Convert facility code/card number to Wiegand code`
|`lf hid brute           `|N       |`Bruteforce card number against reader`

### lf hitag

 { HITAG RFIDs... }

|command                  |offline |description
|-------                  |------- |-----------
|`lf hitag help          `|Y       |`This help`
|`lf hitag list          `|Y       |` List Hitag trace history`
|`lf hitag reader        `|Y       |`Act like a Hitag Reader`
|`lf hitag sim           `|Y       |` Simulate Hitag transponder`
|`lf hitag snoop         `|Y       |`Eavesdrop Hitag communication`
|`lf hitag writer        `|Y       |`Act like a Hitag Writer`
|`lf hitag simS          `|Y       |` Simulate HitagS transponder`
|`lf hitag checkChallenges`|Y       |` test all challenges`

### lf io

 { IOPROX RFIDs... }

|command                  |offline |description
|-------                  |------- |-----------
|`lf io help             `|Y       |`This help`
|`lf io fskdemod         `|N       |`['1'] Realtime IO FSK demodulator (option '1' for one tag only)`
|`lf io sim              `|N       |`   -- IOProx tag simulator`
|`lf io clone            `|N       |`    -- Clone IOProx to T55x7`

### lf jablotron

 { Jablotron RFIDs... }

|command                  |offline |description
|-------                  |------- |-----------
|`lf jablotron help      `|Y       |`This help`
|`lf jablotron read      `|N       |`Attempt to read and extract tag data`
|`lf jablotron clone     `|N       |`clone jablotron tag`
|`lf jablotron sim       `|N       |`simulate jablotron tag`

### lf nedap

 { Nedap RFIDs... }

|command                  |offline |description
|-------                  |------- |-----------
|`lf nedap help          `|Y       |`This help`
|`lf nedap read          `|N       |`Attempt to read and extract tag data`
|`lf nedap sim           `|N       |`  simulate nedap tag`
|`lf nedap chk           `|Y       |`Calculate Nedap Checksum `

### lf noralsy

 { Noralsy RFIDs... }

|command                  |offline |description
|-------                  |------- |-----------
|`lf noralsy help        `|Y       |`This help`
|`lf noralsy read        `|N       |`Attempt to read and extract tag data`
|`lf noralsy clone       `|N       |`clone Noralsy tag`
|`lf noralsy sim         `|N       |`simulate Noralsy tag`

### lf pcf7931

 { PCF7931 RFIDs... }

|command                  |offline |description
|-------                  |------- |-----------
|`lf pcf7931 help        `|Y       |`This help`
|`lf pcf7931 read        `|N       |`Read content of a PCF7931 transponder`
|`lf pcf7931 write       `|N       |`Write data on a PCF7931 transponder.`
|`lf pcf7931 config      `|Y       |`Configure the password, the tags initialization delay and time offsets (optional)`

### lf presco

 { Presco RFIDs... }

|command                  |offline |description
|-------                  |------- |-----------
|`lf presco help         `|Y       |`This help`
|`lf presco read         `|N       |`Attempt to read and Extract tag data`
|`lf presco clone        `|N       |`d <9 digit ID> or h  [Q5] clone presco tag`
|`lf presco sim          `|N       |`d <9 digit ID> or h  simulate presco tag`

### lf pyramid

 { Farpointe/Pyramid RFIDs... }

|command                  |offline |description
|-------                  |------- |-----------
|`lf pyramid help        `|Y       |`This help`
|`lf pyramid read        `|N       |`Attempt to read and extract tag data`
|`lf pyramid clone       `|N       |`   clone pyramid tag`
|`lf pyramid sim         `|N       |`   simulate pyramid tag`

### lf ti

 { TI RFIDs... }

|command                  |offline |description
|-------                  |------- |-----------
|`lf ti help             `|Y       |`This help`
|`lf ti demod            `|Y       |`Demodulate raw bits for TI-type LF tag`
|`lf ti read             `|N       |`Read and decode a TI 134 kHz tag`
|`lf ti write            `|N       |`Write new data to a r/w TI 134 kHz tag`

### lf t55xx

 { T55xx RFIDs... }

|command                  |offline |description
|-------                  |------- |-----------
|`lf t55xx help          `|Y       |`This help`
|`lf t55xx bruteforce    `|N       |`  [i <*.dic>] Simple bruteforce attack to find password`
|`lf t55xx config        `|Y       |`Set/Get T55XX configuration (modulation, inverted, offset, rate)`
|`lf t55xx detect        `|Y       |`[1] Try detecting the tag modulation from reading the configuration block.`
|`lf t55xx dump          `|N       |`[password] [o] Dump T55xx card block 0-7. Optional [password], [override]`
|`lf t55xx info          `|Y       |`[1] Show T55x7 configuration data (page 0/ blk 0)`
|`lf t55xx read          `|N       |`b  p [password] [o] [1] -- Read T55xx block data. Optional [p password], [override], [page1]`
|`lf t55xx resetread     `|N       |`Send Reset Cmd then lf read the stream to attempt to identify the start of it (needs a demod and/or plot after)`
|`lf t55xx recoverpw     `|N       |`[password] Try to recover from bad password write from a cloner. Only use on PW protected chips!`
|`lf t55xx special       `|N       |`Show block changes with 64 different offsets`
|`lf t55xx trace         `|Y       |`[1] Show T55x7 traceability data (page 1/ blk 0-1)`
|`lf t55xx wakeup        `|N       |`Send AOR wakeup command`
|`lf t55xx wipe          `|N       |`[q] Wipe a T55xx tag and set defaults (will destroy any data on tag)`
|`lf t55xx write         `|N       |`b  d  p [password] [1] -- Write T55xx block data. Optional [p password], [page1]`

### lf viking

 { Viking RFIDs... }

|command                  |offline |description
|-------                  |------- |-----------
|`lf viking help         `|Y       |`This help`
|`lf viking read         `|N       |`Attempt to read and Extract tag data`
|`lf viking clone        `|N       |`<8 digit ID number> clone viking tag`
|`lf viking sim          `|N       |`<8 digit ID number> simulate viking tag`

### lf visa2000

 { Visa2000 RFIDs... }

|command                  |offline |description
|-------                  |------- |-----------
|`lf visa2000 help       `|Y       |`This help`
|`lf visa2000 read       `|N       |`Attempt to read and extract tag data`
|`lf visa2000 clone      `|N       |`clone Visa2000 tag`
|`lf visa2000 sim        `|N       |`simulate Visa2000 tag`

### script

 { Scripting commands }

|command                  |offline |description
|-------                  |------- |-----------
|`script help            `|Y       |`This help`
|`script list            `|Y       |`List available scripts`
|`script run             `|Y       |` -- Execute a script`